Sarah Jones Director 101 Indigo

Sarah Jones
Operations Director


Before founding 101 Indigo, Sarah had over 20 years’ experience in data cleaning and database management. She has a background in marketing and communications for both B2B and B2C applications.

Sarah worked for a number of different organisations before deciding to provide an outsourced database management service to clients at 101 Indigo.

She says that an almost obsessive interest in cleaning data makes her ideally suited to tasks which many lack the skills, patience or application to undertake!

Sarah was the prime mover in 101 Indigo’s acquisition of UK Schools Data, having worked for the organisation for many years she saw the opportunity to develop the product for new markets.

Doug Bentall


As 101 Indigo’s Strategic Director, Doug Bentall is involved in product and service development and new business generation.

Doug is also a director of Iona Communications which provides B2B PR and marketing communications services to businesses in the technology, recycling, paper, plastics, laundry, cleaning & hygiene and building & construction industries.

Doug is also a freelance motoring writer and operates a holiday home on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.